So I was running out of D. O. for the B. O.

So really, I was running out of deodorant to stave off the body odor, and it dawned on me that I have been quietly and successfully making my own aluminum free deodorant for a while now.  This is not something I share freely with acquaintances or newly made friends.  Heck, I didn’t even let the hubster in on my little secret until recently.  There is a stigma with jumping off the deodorant bandwagon and abandoning commercial products to keep the stinks away that I would personally just like to avoid altogether given the community and people I deal with daily.   People sometimes give you the one eye half open, head tilted a bit sideways, mouth partially agape, “do you smell”  or “what kind of hippie are you really” stare when you reveal you just don’t use regular D.O.  Don’t get me wrong, up until I made it myself, I might have been guilty of the same judgmental, better than you because I use real deodorant posturing.   But really, making your own deodorant is quick, easy, cheap and effective.  Plus, you can avoid applying possibly toxic aluminum directly to your sensitive parts, bonus for bonus!

I actually used to simply use baking soda and lemon juice when I was eating only raw foods a few years ago and that seemed to work o.k., unless you decided to do any manual labor and then it smelled like you’d rubbed your under arms with hummus.  Not really the scent d’jour I was going for.  Then I found multiple sites that used coconut oil (a natural antibiotic with great moisturizing capabilities as well as a nice light scent), baking soda (my all time most used household item), and arrowroot powder or cornstarch (I actually despise touching cornstarch).  So many sites have their own way of doing this mix, that you can literally find the recipe anywhere!  I really like Little House In the Suburbs recipe for it’s simplicity, ease of use and light list of ingredients.  Here is my rendition.

1. Gather your ingredients.  If you are like me and Bubba the Baby Gorilla has decided to bless you with a nap of unknown length, then you must work quickly.  My pantry currently has Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil, Argo Cornstarch and Arm & Hammer Baking Soda.  (My mother swears she is allergic to baking soda and so for her “peace of mind” I used a combination of cornstarch and arrowroot powder with some tea tree oil, she seemed pleased).  This is not rocket science people, experiment and find the best stuff for you.   Microwave about 5 tablespoons of the oil for just 30 seconds to get it squishy.  Pour 1/4 cup of the cornstarch and 1/4 cup of the baking soda into a bowl and kind of fluff it with a fork or whisk until blended and lump free…nobody wants lumpy pits.

2.  Empty and clean an old deodorant container.  You will find regular commercial deodorant to be almost like a mutant slime when you try to wash it off, regular soap just kind of smears it around and the hot water makes it slick on your hands.  Don’t let this deter you, just clean it as much as possible and then wipe it out with a clean rag.  I like using a regular container, it throws people off my crunchy, natural girl no-d.o. style.

3. Mix your ingredients.  Now here is where you can do the most “personalization” of your D.O..  The last time I made this, I left it more oil than powder and ended up with a smooth, almost lotion like D.O.  However, it would occasionally get on my shirt pits and leave a small grease mark.  This did come off in the wash, but however much I liked the consistency, I wanted to change it up a bit this time.  I increased the cornstarch by a few tablespoons and added a tad more baking soda (like a tablespoon worth).   I then realized that I was out of essential oil.  Bummer.  But I did have orange extract in the pantry!  With about a teaspoon or so full I added the orange extract to the bowl and blended thoroughly.  It had the faint aroma of a creamsicle.  Yum.  I like that creamsicle smell much better than hummus on my underarms.

4.  Screw the container upward until the little doo-dad on the pole comes all the way to the top.  Fill the little plastic doo-dad that is in the bottom of the old container with new D.O. first, then keep scooping some of your mixture in, while screwing the doo-dad down, until it is completely filled.  you will have some mix left.  I store mine in the freezer for later.  It lasts for EVER.

Ta-DA! You are finished.  (Bubba’s block is in the background.  The dirty stinky puppy was chewing it so I had to confiscate it). I keep mine on the bathroom sink and it maintains it’s stability.  If you find it is too soft, you can keep it cooler in the fridge.  You do not need to use a ton of this on the pits, it should melt into skin and leave it really soft.  Please look around the net and experiment with other recipes, depending on your area, preferences and environment, you may opt to add other things to your mix.

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